Sand Making Machine History In China

Sand Making Machine History

After the steam engine and electric effect energy machine were gradually perfect and carried out stage, the modern sand making machinery was created. In 1806, the roller type sand making machine driven by steam engines emerged; in 1858, America Black created jaw type sand making machine complete rock; in 1878 America stalled cycles sand making machine which is gradually complete measures, its consumption frequency is higher than the jaw type sand making machine; in 1895, USA William created the charge into the enemy ranks type sand making machine with low energy consumption.

Sand making machine is also called vertical shaft impact crusher. The development of artificial sand technology in China can be roughly divided into three stages: exploration stage, mature stage, continuous innovation and wide application stage. The sand making machine industry in China has been in continuous development for over 50 years.

Before the founding of new China, there was almost no ability to produce sand making machine at our home. Since the end of 1950s, our country started the age of imitation sand making machine. In the 1960s, China gradually developed the sand making equipment with self-design, self-production. At the beginning of the 80's, China innovated continuously and the introduced the foreign advanced technology and equipment, and our country also started the production of some sand making machinery and equipment with international advanced level.

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At the same time, the sand making equipment of various traditional domestic products, had also passed through the transformation and the renewal in structure and material and other aspects. The equipment had been improved, and the increase of varieties of different specifications, forming the sand machine series for different purposes. Now it basically meets the domestic demand for mineral processing and other industries. However, compared with foreign advanced level, there are still some gaps in the equipment structure, specifications and technical performance. In recent years, with the further development of our country's system of sand making equipment, and cooperation with foreign advanced production system of sand machine, this gap is gradually narrowing.

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