Limestone Crusher Machine Price

Limestone Crusher Machine Price

Limestone crushing machine, can be directly to the particle size of 600-1200 mm to 25 mm below the material one-time crush. Limestone crushing machine is suitable for crushing limestone materials with compressive strength less than 200 MPa and calcium content higher than 40%. It is widely used in various production fields, which can be used for crushing limestone, granite, shale, river stone, stone, cement, calcium carbide slag, water, cement clinker, cement, sand and gravel, widely used in coal, building materials, chemical industry, electric power, highway construction and compound fertilizer industry.

Limestone crusher is mainly composed of rotor, bearing, discharge grate, striking plate, shell and driving part. Limestone crusher mainly rely on the crusher hammer are strongly against the ore in the cavity, the ore to counterattack lining board of the impact and collusion between ore and ore crushing. Ore through heavy feeding equipment (plate feeder as speed) fed into the crusher feeding port, fall into the crushing cavity between the two high speed counter rotating rotor driven by a narrow V belt, a hammer blow was preliminary broken.

At the beginning of crushed material during downward motion in the rotor and bearing are struck by a plate are further broken again, and then by the striking board billabong , the discharge region respectively into two mutually symmetrical, crushing cavity finally formed by the comb and the rotor was eventually broken until the particle size is smaller than the size of the lower part of the slot discharge the machine chamber.

Limestone crusher is mainly depending on the impact to break material. The material into the crushing machine, subjected to high-speed rotary impact hammer and broken, broken material, to obtain kinetic energy from the head office, from high speed into the frame body plate, at the same time the material of mutual impact, has been repeatedly broken, thus obtaining the required products.

Our limestone crusher machine price is reasonable and run stable and reliable performance, simple process, simple structure, convenient repair. Large production capacity, the service fe is long.

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