Dolomite Powder Equipment In Sri Lanka

Dolomite Powder Equipment In Sri Lanka

For the preparation of dolomite powder , usually through the dolomite ore dressing, crushing, crushing, grinding, grading, packing system. Be carried out after grinding mill dolomite through screening , washing dolomite ore beneficiation process is completed , and then processed by crushing jaw crusher , crushing dolomite mine after working through the secondary crushing cone crusher pink operation, and finally through the grading system of processing and packaging operations finished dolomite powder. The choice dolomite powder equipment in Sri Lanka should be selected according to the fineness of dolomite powder processing requirements .

Our dolomite powder equipment in Sri Lanka has many advantages as follow:

  1. bevel gear integral transmission , energy loss, high efficiency.

    Traditional mill reducer otherwise required by coupng the drive shaft , the installation of the difficulty, easy to produce noise, reduce efficiency , MTW series mill is the European version of the bevel gear integral transmission , more compact , installation and adjustment more convenient, efficiency is greatly improved .

  2. internal lubrication system , advanced and reliable

    Traditional mill lubrication in the form of grease lubrication, lubrication resistance, temperature rise, short bearing life , MTM trapezium mill without an additional oil pump or lubrication station , you can achieve the spindle bearings and bevel gear shaft bearing lubrication, greatly improved the life of the equipment .

  3. curved duct , a small amount of wind damage , material fluidity.

    Traditional wind mill in Mill Road , are bar-type wind tunnel . This structure exists impact of air duct panels to generate resistance , large molecules collide with each other between the flow energy loss , resulting in easy to produce vortex duct blockage and other shortcomings , MTM trapezium mill used for the curved duct type air duct, tangential smooth flow of imports , low resistance, internal export orientation in favor of dispersed material , not easy blocking material .

  4. Special grinding roller and grinding ring structure design , curved blade edge can be changed , so that the grinding efficiency, reduce the cost.
  5. product size is adjustable controllable , high efficiency separator .

    Analysis using variable frequency motor speed control, speed is more accurate , fine material sorting better ; isolated cyclone powder collector , powder efficiency is greatly improved, the use of isolation structure between the inner tube and the mixture powder flow , can effectively improve the powder the efficiency and accuracy of the powder .

  6. pay attention to the concept of environmental protection.

    Equipment small noise, and is equipped with a dust collector advanced, dust emission concentration is lower than the environmental protection provisions of the state, completely. Airflow from the large cyclone suction centrifugal fan powder top return air duct, the air current of the whole system is a closed loop, and circulation in the flow of positive and negative pressure condition, unique air circulation system, greatly reduced the efflux air, dust, environmental protection.

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