Copper Ore Crusher Machine

Copper Ore Crusher Machine

A metal ore purification complications, with all the development of science and technologies, purification specifications for metal ore height gradually enhanced, the standard copper metallic mineral processing and purification have been extra mature "two increase" method, i.e. a roughing course of action after grinding, coarse concentrate regrinding. Long-term due to the fact, copper concentrate and copper concentrate copper grade is stable at around 24%, considering that 1999, carried out the research aiming at improving the practice of copper concentrate grade of copper, some progress has been produced in copper concentrate, copper grade is further enhanced to extra than 25%.

The ore belongs to fine vein disseminated porphyry copper deposit, useful minerals are dominated by copper, related gold, silver, molybdenum, rhenium and sulfur along with other elements, has high value of complete utilization. Chalcopyrite diameter to 0.05-0.01mm are, when grinding to -0.074mm accounted for 65%, monomer dissociation degree of 80%. Soon after years of investigation and exploration, investigation and improvement to enhance the method scheme of ore dressing process the grade of copper concentrate.

Copper ore grinding to -0.074mm accounted for 65% of copper sulfur mixed flotation tailings, abandon considerably, get a copper containing about 5%, the rough concentrate yield of 8% ~ 10%, the coarse concentrate regrinding with lime as the major inhibitor of copper sulfur separation, the output of copper molybdenum bulk concentrate, copper sulfur separation flotation tailings sulfur, copper molybdenum bulk concentrate by copper molybdenum separation for copper and molybdenum concentrate.

copper crusher machine

In recent years, together with the improvement of science and technologies, quite a few domestic and foreign mine has started crushing equipment - European version of jaw crusher employing higher selectivity, is one of the powerful approaches of copper concentrate grade and recovery rate of gold will strengthen. The European version of jaw crusher machine used in mine material crushing within a one-stage crushing or two stage crushing. The European version of jaw crusher by our organization in accordance with the highway, railway, airport runway engineering building stone crushing sophisticated equipment specially developed. The European version of jaw crusher adopts the international advanced technologies and manufacturing level is broken, higher functionality solutions preferred extra really hard, sturdy corrosive components are broken.

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