Cement Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

Cement Manufacturing Process

Cement manufacturing process project use a "pre grinding technology more crushing and less grinding", is a material with roller pregrinding, classifier scatter grading, the grain size is less than 3mm, and the corresponding with the high fine grinding, grinding, powder screening machine, greatly reduces water mud power consumption of grinding, the quaty of the products further, when producing further improve.

Cement Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

Cement Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

  1. crushing and pre-homogenization

    crushing the cement production process, most of the raw material to be broken, such as mestone, clay, iron ore and coal. mestone is the largest amount of raw materials for cement production, the larger the particle size after mining, high hardness, thus crushing mestone in cement machinery, material crushing plays more important role.

    pre-homogenization of raw materials pre-homogenization technique is to keep the raw materials, to take the process of applying scientific stacker reclaimer technology to achieve the initial homogenization of raw materials, the raw material yard along with storage and homogenization function.

  2. preparation of raw materials

    Cement production process, each producing one ton of Portland cement Grinding Mill at least three tons of materials (including raw materials, fuel, cnker, mixed materials, gypsum), according to statistics, the dry process cement production ne grinding operation needs to consume power accounts for about 60% or more power plants, including raw material grinding more than 30%, accounting for about 3% of coal mill, cement grinding about 40%. Therefore, a reasonable choice of Grinding Mill and processes, optimization of process parameters, the correct operation, control operation system for ensuring product quaty, reduce energy consumption is of great significance.

  3. New dry process cement production process, stable raw material composition is stable for pit entry of cnker burning condition of thermal system, raw meal homogenizing system stabizes the raw ingredients into the cellar of the final control action.

  4. preheat decomposition

    The raw material of cement machinery preheating and partial decomposition done by the preheater, rotary kiln instead of some functions, to shorten the length of the kiln back, while the kiln feed gas to accumulate state heat transfer process to move to the inner preheater under suspended state, so that the hot gases can be mixed with the raw material discharged from the kiln, increasing the contact area between the gas feed, heat transfer speed, high heat exchange efficiency, kiln systems to improve productivity, reduce heat cnker consumption purposes.

    80% for heat dispersion material in the inlet pipe. Preheater pipe feeding the raw material , in the high-speed impact of rising air , turn off the material with air movement , while being dispersed.

    When the airflow to carry gas-sod separation material powder into the cyclone , forced to flow in the annular space rotating cynder and the inner cynder ( exhaust pipe ) between the cyclone and the downward movement while rotating , from the cynder to the cone , has been able to extend to the ends of the cone , and then turned to the rotation on rising discharged from the exhaust pipe .

    Pre- emergence Precalcining decomposition technology is a technological leap cement equipment calcination process . It is added between the preheater and calciner kiln and use of kiln flue rise , set the fuel injected into the device, so that the process of fuel combustion and endothermic exothermic process raw carbonate decomposition , the decomposition furnace to the suspended or fluidized state quickly , so that the decomposition rate of kiln feed is increased to 90 %. The original task decomposition of carbonate in the rotary kiln , and moved to the decomposition furnace ; fuel from the calciner to join the majority , joined by a small part of the kiln , reducing the heat load of the kiln firing zone , extending the ner material fe, in favor of large-scale production ; due to the mixing of fuel and raw materials , timely devery of fuel combustion heat to the material , combustion , heat transfer and carbonate decomposition process can be optimized. Which has a high-quaty , high efficiency , low power consumption and a series of excellent performance and features .

  5. cement clinker

    After completion of the raw material in the cyclone preheater preheater and precalciner, the next process is carried out into the cnker kiln firing. Further rapid decomposition of carbonate in a rotary kiln and a series of sod-phase reaction of cement cnker and other minerals. As the material temperature close, the quid will become minerals dissolved in the quid phase reaction and generates a large number (cnker). After the cnker burning, the temperature began to decrease. Finally, the cement cnker cooler unloading the kiln cnker cooler temperatures to the downstream transport, storage braries and cement machinery can withstand temperatures of hot cnker while recovering sensible heat, improving thermal efficiency and cnker quaty system.

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