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HJ Jaw Crusher You Deserve it

HJ jaw crusher is my company in the foundation of introducing, absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, according to the actual needs of customers, design idea of high input, high output based on low energy consumption, high productivity, set in one of the modern high performance crusher.

The practice has proved that HJ jaw crusher to the quality of its excellent performance, reliable and cost-effective to win the global customer trust, is the traditional jaw crusher ideal replace product.

HJ Jaw Crusher Application

HJ jaw crusher is widely used in metal and nonmetal mines , cement , construction, sand, metallurgical and other industries. Can crushed minerals are iron ore, granite, quartzite, river gravel , etc., up to the maximum breaking strength of materials 320MP.

HJ jaw crusher used in construction rubble, sand production process, particularly when broken basalt and other hard materials , compared to the traditional jaw crusher high production efficiency, low running costs .

HJ jaw crusher machine used in the black , non-ferrous metal beneficiation process, can effectively reduce the particle size of the ore , multi- break less grinding to improve the production capacity of the production line , reducing energy consumption , greatly improve economic efficiency concentrator .

Three Distinct Advantage and Benefits

  1. high performance. The models yield, by moving the jaw cavity trajectory and optimized in order to determine its best engagement angle and stroke property values ​​, so that the model in the case of the same power output has risen considerably.
  2. good stability . By optimizing the structure of the model as a whole and partial counterweight to determine the flywheel, canal structure and with the weight of the wheel weights , so that the models in terms of vibration has been greatly improved. Compared with the same specifications jaw crusher , with greater stability .
  3. high reliability. Heat-treated forged eccentric shaft , oversized bearings , E -type rack , labyrinth seals and other equipment to make durable, more reliable.
  4. easy operation, easy maintenance . Advanced side guard plate bolted system makes such models when replacing the side shield faster ; reasonable machine structure makes such models in the nesting population size adjustment and more convenient replacement of brackets , which can effectively shorten the operating maintenance time .
  5. wide application. HJ hat it can play a greater role in limited space, suitable to the crushing process

Technical Data

HJ Jaw Crusher
Model Feed Opening (mm) Max Feeding (mm) Discharge Opening (mm) Capacity(t/h) Power (kW) Machine Size(mm)
HJ98 650×980 560 75-175 110-350 90-110 2470×2000×2180
HJ110 800×1100 660 100-200 215-510 110-132 2875×2472×2530
HJ125 950×1250 800 125-225 280-650 132-160 3320×2600×3120

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