Bentonite Crusher Machine

Bentonite Crusher Machine

Bentonite Processing Equipment

Bentonite deposits are usually exploited by quarrying. The extracted bentonite materials will be first crushed for primary size reduction. Next steps in processing of bentonite are drying in rotary kiln and milling. Order of steps depends on the choice of the mill. If the mill is sensitive to the moisture, (i.e. if milling of the wet material is inefficient), crushed material is dried prior to milling.

If the chosen mill is of the raymond mill type or fluid energy mill (Stutevant Micronizer) type that uses air stream or fluidized bed to stimulate drying and conveying, produced material may be of satisfactory wetness for the final product. If not, bentonite may be dried after the milling.

Bentonite Crushing Operation

If the raw bentonite contains significant content of moisture, primary size reduction in crusher that employs impact as the main mechanism of comminution may not be effective. The material then is passed through a grizzly and crusher to reduce the clay pieces to less than 2.5 cm in size. Usually for the primary crushing of wet and sticky material good choice are roller crushers that have specially designed toothed rollers that tear large blocks of clay in small pieces for further processing. But also jaw crusher and cone crusher may be applied.

Bentonite Crusher Machine for Sale

There are also mobile plant for bentonite crushing includes a comprehensive range of mobile crushing plants and mobile screens, that represent a guaranteed, state-ofthe-art commitment to crushing and screening knowhow and quality. Our crushing solutions offer you true mobility, high capacity, quality end products and reliable operation. Please contact us for more information.

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